Americans Don’t Have To Pay Taxes


Money Tree


How? Where do I sign up? I’ll take three of those, Sizzlack!

Listen to the audio here.


3 Responses to “Americans Don’t Have To Pay Taxes”

  1. crackerjacks Says:

    Amazing how sneaky the IRS is about evading answering the question. Thank you for putting the information out there…..I will be passing on the word.

  2. tsewre Says:

    I have heard this before. Some have published instructions and information and the IRS has made exa,ples of them and thrown them in jail.

    Alcohol is one of my big concerns. How the government promotes it, profits from it and pusihes those who become addicted. I am promoting banning of advertising it. Look at my blog. Do you concur?


  3. What Is CPC Ads And Placement Targeting Which Google Is Boasting About? Says:

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