Bury The Bury Brigade


Herkimer56, a paid disinfo agent, trolls Digg looking for anything 9/11 truth related or pro-Ron Paul. Using slurs, insults and lots of exclamations, this user tries to shine the turd that is the current administration and attack anything else.

But we’ve caught on to this game already. We know that the government has shills trolling the Internet, and pays off Wikipedia and the mainstream media to try and stem the tide of the collective mind. Putting on the blinders, as you will. But what can be done?

Thankfully, you can stop the government mind control agents. Just digg every story they bury, and bury every comment they make.

Starting with this:

Herkeimer56’s Digg Comments Web Page

Digg Comment Stalker is a useful tool to find trolls comments and the diggs that they are trying to destroy. Simply load each one, bury the comment, and digg the story! An hour later, you will have served your purpose for mankind.

Please, bury the trolls, because these people want to hide the truth, and you can stop them!

They all seem to band together. On the right-hand column, you will see their friend list. More than likely, these are members of their bury & comment brigade.

Other CentCom Trolls:

subman697/jcm267 (likely alter-egos of Herkimer56), onetimer and hortnon.

More from here:


Ideally, select 100 comments at a time, click and wait for it to load.

Want more information?


1. The shills at Digg must have really picked up on this article. My account was deleted, as was this article, which was just getting into the “popular” section. I think it was done as a preventative measure to prevent this information from going viral. That’s good news, because we know that it’s getting to the source, and the censors are trying to block us!

Doesn’t matter though. I will keep posting this article all over the Internet, on every conceivable platform, to get the message out! Keep burying the trolls, keep digging the truth, and keeping fighting the infowar!

2. Add bigdavediode to your troll list.

3. Article has been resubmitted to Digg and deleted multiple times after reaching the popular section! This is the fourth round. Digg it up!

4. It’s got up to 73 votes. Without all the deletions and the bury brigade, it would have been 1000 by now for sure. I also noticed something interesting:

Do a search for “Bury the Bury Brigade” and 8 articles show up. But not this one. And yet, it’s not deleted. Also, we’ve disappeared from the Up and Coming section (we were #2 in the Political Opinion category) and have not appeared anywhere on the site! So we are being purposely blackballed! DIGG! YOUR GAME IS UP! WE KNOW YOU ARE GAMING THE DIGG!

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15 Responses to “Bury The Bury Brigade”

  1. jcm267 Says:

    Thanks for the recognition.

  2. PlugIM.com Says:

    Bury The Bury Brigade

    Digg has a bury brigade that runs psychological operations on the population. They are paid by the government and pay off digg to operate.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Bury The Bury Brigade

    Digg has a bury brigade that runs psychological operations on the population. They are paid by the government and pay off digg to operate.

  4. Jordan Says:

    Well. I know this is _NUTS_ but … here I’ll try. i made a website http://www.globalsoapbox.com If you take the time to look at it and read the soapbox links at the bottom …. this is a site created for you to have your own voice own platform. Censorship disgusts me and there you go. If you want to try something different go for it. I’m not sorry for self-promotion because people dislike something so you know what we try to make something better.

  5. Darel Says:

    Thanks for the article…. I have seen Junkyarddawg on many topics and he/she is always a complete ass and provides lies with every post. I even challenged to show the proof of his/her claims and they never do…. Instead they will say light is dark and dark is light. I wonder how did you obtain this information?

  6. Bury The Bury Brigade « Martial Law Says:

    […] FULL STORY […]

  7. FemaCamper Says:


    We have ways of monitoring trolls on the Internet, using software, websight analysis, search engines and social engineering. My sources are very reliable, and as well, if you just look at all the comments these guys make, in nearly EVERY post they make, it is anti-truth.

    I believe everyone has the right for free speech. But I do not believe that everyone has the right to suppress free speech. We’ve caught CentCom before, trolling on MySpace looking for recruits, paying off newspapers, talk show hosts, the media and bloggers to promote the war and downplay Ron Paul.

    But Digg reputes to be a democratic system. It’s a lie, when Digg buries and DELETES multiple times articles of a sensitive nature such as this.

    Doesn’t matter though, we are almost at 200 Diggs now and believe me, this will come up again in the future.

  8. FemaCamper Says:


    Congrats on the site. One suggestion though, use another Captcha server. The one you have is very difficult to read on dark monitors.

  9. White House hires Bloggers for Propaganda, Prevents Investigation « Martial Law Says:

    […] hires Bloggers for Propaganda, Prevents Investigation Did you think that government hiring a Digg bury brigade and MySpace army recruiters was […]

  10. anonymous Says:

    Great work!

    Most likely, all these guys can be found here at theblueprint’s account on pownce (http://www.pownce.com/theblueprint). For example, dshPls (http://www.pownce.com/dshPls) and hortnon (http://www.pownce.com/Hortnon).

    In fact, hortnon’s account leads you to his 1up profile (http://www.1up.com/do/my1Up?publicUserId=5609243). He claims to work for the USAF.

  11. White House hires Bloggers for Propaganda, Prevents Investigation « Martial Law Network Says:

    […] you think that government hiring a Digg bury brigade and MySpace army recruiters was […]

  12. Bury The Bury Brigade « Martial Law Network Says:

    […] FULL STORY […]

  13. Digg.com works for the Jews « The Politically Correct Apostate Says:

    […] As you know, Digg buries 9/11 stories (see Hunting Down Digg’s Bury Brigade, Proof Digg’s Bury Feature Abused to Suppress Controversial Content, Time To Fight Back Against Online Disinfo Agents and Trolls and Bury The Bury Brigade). […]

  14. Observant1 Says:

    ROFL, Herkimer56 begged it, DIGG IT UP !!


  15. Herkimer55 Says:

    so this is just an idea… well see how long it lasts what if we just make psudo profiles of these guys. make mock ups of their icons and then post on all boards they go to and apologize for their nastiness.

    heres an example:


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