COINTELPROAgent: Life As An Agent



COINTELPROAgent, whom I will call COPagent for short, is stalking Digg users and spamming Digg full of government propaganda. He’s on the payroll, working all day long trolling Digg. Let’s examine some of these headlines for humor’s sake…

Let’s focus on what he’s been posting about Ron Paul. Here are some of his digg submissions:

Caught In the Act – Ron Paul Being a Tool for Terrorists

Was Ron Paul Behind 9/11?

Then he proceeds with ad hominem attacks:

Ron Paul is Nuts

Ron Paul is a Traitor

Ron Paul Stands in Favor of Genocide

Ron Paul: How do you say “Israel must be wiped off the map”?

To attacking his supporters with more ad homs:

Ron Paul Supporters Are Truly Lunatics…

The Ron Paul Effect – when spam politics goes wrong

And disinformation:

Ron Paul Wins “Most Boring” Poll

Ron Paul and Kucinich Declare Themselves Enemy Combatants

Here are some senseless racist accusations:

THE SUN: Ron Paul’s Race Problem

He also likes to insult Mr. Paul’s intelligence:

Ron Paul: Not so smart?

A lot of these are just plain lies:

Ron Paul Sez “Secret Funding” For Fantasy “NAFTA Superhighway”

Ron Paul still polling nationally at (1 ± 3)%

He then posts the completely insane:

Ron Paul Will Protekt Us From Teh UFOs

STUPID: Illuminati/NWO Loons Believe Lizards Plot Against Us

They really must like those lizards

But the most inane, asinine post I have ever seen on Digg that this troll posted was:

Ron Paul – “Not a credible candidate”!

COPagent also rants and raves against Alex Jones, Tax Evasion, and anything against the current status quo of the non-choice, no-different two party political system. Chumps like this guy love to use the words “truther,” “Ronbot,” “Sick,” “Sad,” and “Alexbot” as if that’s the only vocabulary they have. And don’t forget ALL CAPS for attention, and lots of exclamation marks and strawman arguments.

Most of it is blogspam with a touch of neo-con/fake liberal columnists throwing in their pile of crap to try and suppress the Ron Paul Revolution.

His comments are pretty nuts too. And eloquent.

But it won’t work, because WE KNOW YOUR GAME.

If you hate free speech and America, maybe you should join up with this guy. For everybody else, support Ron Paul, digg pro-RP articles and bury this spam. We need to put the trolls in their place.

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4 Responses to “COINTELPROAgent: Life As An Agent”

  1. Says:

    Stupid Neocon Tricks

    COINTELPROAgent, whom I will call COPagent for short, is jamming Digg smack full of retarded headlines. He’s on government payroll, working all day long trolling Digg. Let’s examine some of these headlines for humor’s sake… ;P

  2. Zanjabila Says:

    The really insidious disinformation in my view comes via films and drama series. Large sections of the entertainment industry are on the CIA payroll — it’s a known fact that Hollywood receives CIA money. Look at how the “X-Files” programmed swathes of the population to associate shadow government conspiracy with UFOs and aliens.

    The most radical thing you can do in this day and age is to throw away your TV 🙂

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