CENTCOM’s Comment Crusader



“Prove that anything I’ve posted has been wrong. Go ahead and try. I’ll check back for your results.”

I’ve already written about disinfo agents on the Internet, spreading their propaganda. I’d now like to take a closer look at what they are doing on the comments sections on the posts they attack on Digg. You should be familiar with Herkimer56. Here are some lies and quips he has made:

If he wasn’t in it for the money then why would he be selling so much shit on his web site and why would he be charging people $50 a month for the privilege of listening to his lies? Get a clue.”

That’s a lie. You can listen to him for free. Alex Jones authorizes the non-profit copying of all his materials for educational purposes. So you can listen here on his web site infowars.com. He offers a free 24-hour rebroadcasting stream. You can also listen on the GCN Network, KLBJ 590 AM, Shoutcast, satellite, shortwave, and syndicated radio broadcast nationwide. Or you can download his podcast. Or download his programs at several independent websites, and on bittorrent. He also offers free news on his sites including Infowars.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.com and JonesReport.com. You might have been thinking about his Video/Audio/Ebook portal website. He does charge for premium content $5.95 per month, but featured content is free. You could get a bulk membership for that $50 you mentioned (11 accounts plus change).

That site is well worth it. It has a lot of other stuff that isn’t his, including videos you would pay good money for elsewhere (but he has partnerships with the content owner).

If you appreciate freedom, spend $5.95/month and sign up today.

Next comment:

“Olbermann is an albino? I didn’t know that. I knew, of course, that he is a freak.”

He makes ridiculous ad hominem attacks against anybody challenging the status quo. “Go back to sleep, nothing to see here, everything is fine, the war is good, Osama will kill you unless you support a strict totalitarian regime”…that kind of fearful and uninsightful thinking. Why is encouraging this attitude?

We must assume that he has the worst intentions. Monarchs in the past accused their enemies of being “anarchists” when in fact they were just being human beings.

Speaking of cowards, I see that Alex just rolled over and allowed them to slap the cuffs on. It’s a good thing for him that he’s totally wrong about the cops and the government or he would have disappeared in to the East River.”

No, if Alex Jones is right, they wouldn’t dare make him a martyr, because then we would have ten or a hundred little Alex Jones to take his place. Any corrupt regime knows that when you destroy the leader, you risk inciting a revolution.

Like hell he does. Every one of his movies is for sale anywhere he can talk them in to carrying them. And then there’s the merchandise and books that he keeps pushing as well as the $50 a month subscription fee that people pay him to listen to his lies. Peddle your bullshit and your loser candidate elsewhere.”

There Herkimer goes on again about the phantom $50 monthly fee people must pay to listen to Alex Jones…and then he says it a third time. Repeating a lie doesn’t change actual truth.

Here’s a pathetic attempt at character assassination:

Kicking a man when he’s down is the best time to do it. There’s less of a chance of pulling something and you can get more force behind the kick. And since when does Alex Jones qualify as a man?

It’s not even worth arguing about. He’s also very offensive to the handicapped:

“This is like watching a retard rumble. Highly entertaining and whoever wins is still a retard.”

Saying comments like those does nothing to prove your point, but might buy you credit in crowds of scum out there.

No, that’s wrong. The weekend before the attacks there was a power down on about forty floors of one of the towers for a matter of a few hours. It would have taken months to plant all of the explosives required to bring down the towers and interior structures would have had to be removed so workers could get to the supporting members to plant the hundreds of tons of explosives that would have been required. Just how did they do all of that with no one noticing?”

There were renovations going on in the World Trade Center weeks before the attack. Some sections of the building were closed off. Occupancy was very low on the floors where the planes hit due to renovations. Similar renovations were going on in the Pentagon. It is quite possible for the demolitions to have been planted in the World Trade Center buildings. But more than that, how else the heck do three buildings (WTC Buildings 1, 2 and 7) fall down into their footprint at near-freefall speed? (One of which was not hit by a plane…and remember the two larger towers were designed to withstand the impact of a 707. At least, if the buildings fall, it should have been only partially, and at an angle. But we’ve seen several towers burn for hours in infernos, and the frame of the building is still intact.

But the official story, as you call it, isn’t impossible. Dozens of independent investigations preformed by Universities and engineering groups all over the world indicate that NIST got it right. The fact is, the truthers can’t prove anything they say because their theories are totally unsupported by the facts.”

Really? The NIST Review was a total whitewash. And how could they do physical investigations when the remains of the building were shipped off to China? Independent investigations have yet to be done – there has always been some mainstream contributing tie or sponsor.

“At the time of the attacks the WTC was 95% occupied. That’s a fantastic number for a complex that large. Oh, and it’s going to cost more than $861 million to rebuild the complex. Larry Silverstein lost a ton of money on the deal.”

This quote really demonstrates that Herkimer56 is an astute liar, not merely some parroting buffoon. The capacity of building is much higher than the occupancy on 9/11. Estimates say the occupancy rates were as low as a tenth normal amounts on that morning. Larry Silverstein made a lot of money on 9/11, as he wisely invested in an insurance policy. At the end of two trials in 2004, a federal court decided that the insurers owed a maximum of $4.6 billion, more than the $3.5 billion term of the insurance policy. Silverstein had originally claimed $7 billion, attempting to prove that the crashing of the two planes into two towers constituted two separate events.

And on Ron Paul, Herkimer56 comments:

Maybe it’s because he’s not a conservative, he’s a nut.”

He’s a nut? Proof? Because he’s founding father material, perhaps? Or because he believes in the constitution, wants to abolish the federal reserve, the CIA and FBI (which are large and inefficient, and fail us consistently) as well as get rid of big government?

Yeah, Herkimer56, I can see that Ron Paul is a real threat to your payroll. Because Ron Paul would probably abolish all those spy programs CENTCOM has. You see, Herk engages people with constant lies, but offers no rational thought or room for error on your part. He doesn’t admit to mistakes, but he point out all sorts of “errors” in everybody else as if he was the fount of all human knowledge and the pontiface of wisdom. But truly, Herkimer56, you are a liar. And you work for bigger liars.

If Herkimer sounded rational, or attempted to talk to people on a more human, compassionate level, I could accept that maybe he was just blindsighted and extremely opinionated. But based on his comments, we can safely write Herki off as a comment crusader, working day and night, brought to us by our loving government.

1776jedi analyzes Herk’s behavior:

“I did an assessment of Herk’s comments since his account started and found that the only way he could possibly make as many comments as he does would be to spend eight hours a day doing it.

So I’m not the only one who thinks this. Thank God!

In a comment about Alex Jones movie, Herkimer writes:

Alex Jones is clearly insane and anyone who buys in to this shit is either insane as well or a moron. Why don’t you people get together and go live on a ranch out in the middle of nowhere so sane people don’t have to deal with you anymore.

What evidence is there to prove this? Why are people insane or stupid when they believe logical truth? Why does Herki constantly intimidate and bully people on Digg all day who disagree with his sham? 99% of his comments are negative. This shows that he is just a troll.

He rarely states what he would do and when he does it’s always something that he has no chance in hell of doing. Abolish the IRS? Oh, yeah, Congress is just going to roll over and let that happen. Eliminate the Department of Education? That’s a laugh. The President is legally responsible for enforcing all laws and regulations passed by Congress and he’ll need all of the current agencies to do that. If he were to eliminate, say, the FDA he would be publicly refusing to enforce all of the laws and regulations that Congress has passed covering things like food purity and drug testing. Refusing to enforce the law would be an impeachable offense and he would be out of office before his first year was up and he knows this. To continue to state that he would do these things when he knows he can’t means that he’s a bigger liar than Bush.”

The IRS is not a legitimate institution. Ronald Reagan admitted in his presidency that not once red cent of America’s tax dollars goes back to the taxpayer. It’s a total sham. As for the Department of Education, have you looked at the public school system lately? Seen Miss Teen USA? People are getting stupider fast, and it’s because they are being dumbed down in a broken system. As to the FDA, it is not in the constitution, so it can be stricken down. Who wants drug companies ruling America’s sick health system anyways? Seen “Sicko” yet? Michael Moore has proven that Cubans receive better health care and cheaper drugs.

Herkimer should get an award for the most ad hominems ever used on Digg. Nothing to be proud of:

“They’ve even come up with disparaging names for Ron Paul fans: Paulies, Paulbots, Pauliens, Paulites, Paulers and, my personal favorite, Paul Bearers.” Paul Bearers is brilliant! However, he left out Ronbots and Ronulans.”

Of course, people such as Ron Paul are against paid propaganda and propagandists…so you find the need to insult his camp.

Artemus states:

“The problem with Herk…is that he refuses to debate rationally. Any time you speak to him, he’ll lecture you about how wrong you are, and try to humiliate you. Debate? I wish that was possible, but he is more interested in stifling debate, rather than promoting it.

Looks like we’re not the only one who has differences with Herkimer’s behavior. Another Digg user writes:

“There are people like this on YouTube too. Isn’t this treason? Why do we pay taxes anymore? All we do is give them money to fight the truth. It’s a lot like cutting our own throats. If you can’t do anything else in this fight go into work tomorrow and talk to the proper people and tell them that you’ll pay your own taxes from now on and that you don’t want them taken out of your pay. Let’s keep them so busy at the IRS tracking us down that they’ll go bankrupt and can’t pay their employees. If they had to prosecute even 40% of the population they couldn’t do it and they’d have to transfer these guys to count beans at the IRS! All we need is enough time to get Ron Paul in and then maybe we can throw the rest of these guys in their own FEMA camps!
Sounds like a plan to me!”

Rabbit63 reflects:

“I know this guy from threads and many of his slimy mates. I’d guess several of the names are his alter egos also. Scumbags and cretins all of them. CENTCOM scrapes the bottom of the humanity barrel to get anyone to work for them these days.”

Paid shills are scum but amateur trolls are worse still. Lies for fun?

MrEguy has stated that Herkimer56 has NPD, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I’m not sure if he’s just paid to act that way, but it sums it up nicely.

But we can forgive him for that. What’s unforgiveable is his employer: CENTCOM.

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12 Responses to “CENTCOM’s Comment Crusader”

  1. Rabbit Says:

    Very good, wack the Herky Troll. It is hard to know really if these people are shills or trolls only. (I denote the two as such depending on if they are paid or amateurs).

    On the one hand nobody could say some of the stuff they do, and behave in the shameless dance of deflection and grossness lying and slinging ad-hominems out like an angry monkey chucking it’s shit at the crowds outside its cage. So logic, pre 9/11-2001 anyway; would have said.

    Unfortunately as one is reminded daily on the internet, there really are such surrealistic attitudes and beliefs rampant in the USA today and a large minority, at least, are sharing this obvious mass hysteria. Certainly those feeling empowered at the moment, those whose star rose with Bush the Lesser. This is their emperor, the shining example of all they could be, who is sitting astride the throne of global empire. They love Bush, they want to be like him, to be in him and him in them. They are Bush.

    the reason Bush the Lesser will not get caught getting any b*#@$%!s in the white house is because his supporters, few as they are, are actually giving him one big long chain Blowjob by proxy every minute and hours of every day.

    They say if all the people in China thought about it they could boil a pot of water. If all the Bush supporters think about it, then what do you think Bush is experiencing?

    Makes you re-think that dopey look on his mug now doesn’t it?

    I personally think they would use smarter tactics and people than Herky and his sorry list of mates, CENTCOM, and all that. We have uncovered a few shills, actually named and found their places of employment over the years and they are invariably quite smart, never mind extremely dishonest. Masters and mistresses of subversion and diversion. Herky and co are morons, pure and simple.

    Still it is fun to torment the critters that cannot be denied. 🙂

  2. jcm267 Says:

    I see you’ve made it back to digg. You’ll never stop us, we have too big of a payroll.

  3. artemus Says:

    Nice post, femacamper. You nailed it. I think it is clear that Herk has some clear psychological issues, probably stemming from a brain trauma. I say that because he seems to obsess over every single Ron Paul post. If he is not a paid Digger, then it is obvious that something else going on. Personally, I decided to stop commenting on his articles because I felt he was going mad. Rather than confronting them, I think that the best approach to these fellas is just to ignore their comments, and report them whenever they abuse the system.

  4. artemus Says:

    By the way, check out buryronpaul.

  5. *Nixed Blog » Blog Archive » New Author Announcement: Femacamper… Says:

    […] is the same individual who started talking about the Digg Bury Brigade, a group of people who goes out of their way to bury articles they do not agree with, and was […]

  6. Biggs Says:

    hey Fema,

    good work, that Herkimer is one of the world’s more persistent trolls, and damned well known too I reckon. About time he got his but kicked.

  7. Netizen_x Says:

    “No, that’s wrong. The weekend before the attacks there was a power down on about forty floors of one of the towers for a matter of a few hours. It would have taken months to plant all of the explosives required to bring down the towers and interior structures would have had to be removed so workers could get to the supporting members to plant the hundreds of tons of explosives that would have been required. Just how did they do all of that with no one noticing?”

    So, that being the case, 911 showed us that you don’t need weeks or months to bring a building (or several) down into their own footprint. Just spend a few hours on a couple of floors in a certain section of a building, or better still, hit that section with an old plane full of fuel or a missile. Great savings can be made using this new, safe, footprint-perfect crumble demolition method. I claim the patent. According to the official government supported theory, controlled demolition has been revolutionised.

  8. MrEguy Says:

    For some strange reason, I have an image of Herkimer56 as an embittered, paralyzed war vet confined to a wheel chair. That would explain his occupying a chair for so many hours a day– and shed light on his self-loathingly disparaging attitude toward handicapped people. Whether or not he’s a paid shill, I am not sure. However, I am quite certain that he has experience in PsyOps and disinformation campaigns–and that he’s a sick man.

  9. Herkimer56 Says:

    I love how you pull a bunch of comments and post them out of context in an attempt to make me look bad. That’s very disingenuous of you but completely what I would expect from a member of the Cult of 9/11 or a Ronbot. I suppose it’s easier to do this here instead of at Digg where you regularly get your ass handed to you.

  10. qbit Says:

    that herkimer seems like genuine centcom to me. full time sitting there in a cube just spewing lies all day, paid with our tax dollars.

  11. R U Crazy Says:

    Herkmier56 has been banned from Digg? Finally!

  12. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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