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Digg If You Value Your Free Speech

September 4, 2007

Source: Alex Jones

Right now, it’s only Digg and the mainstream media. In the future, it will be much, much more. Stop censorship in its tracks! We are only a few steps away from an Orwellian nightmare. The only cure for 1984 is 1776.

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Crackdown on Free Speech In Netherlands

August 28, 2007 Link): Dutch 9/11 Truth Activist Edward Greve
Alex welcomes to the program Edward Greve, Dutch 9/11 Truth Activist, to discuss the recent police state crackdown on 9/11 Truth Activists in the Netherlands.


Reddit: You Digg What We Tell You To, Chump!

August 26, 2007

OK, I really hate censorship. Especially web censorship. I was getting sick of Digg, because they bury new stories with hundreds of diggs off of and But Reddit makes me even more mad.

You see, Reddit mislinks the articles. So if you try to vote for them, you end up voting for some other news article. And if you try and manually submit it, it just gives you this error message: “You’re submitting too fast.” Seeing as how I haven’t submitted a Reddit story for about 24 hours, I find that this is an intentional scam.

I’ve found similar censorship controls for Youtube, censoring comments and ratings, as well as videos. Sometimes they are legitimate bugs. But often, anything controversial or against the flow of MSM is just quickly disallowed due to some “system bug.”

I have complained to reddit about this problem. I think I will reddit and digg this article, just to show them how much we know.

Here’s some articles for proof. Take for example these articles:

American Airlines – “9/11 Didn’t Happen”

University of Massachusetts Professor Calls For New 9/11 Investigation

On the reddit link you will get this instead:

College Students Pick Ron Paul

Incorrect URLs and articles appear for many if not most submissions. But if you try and submit manually you will get an error message! Gotta love censorship.

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Youtube Censoring Ratings and Comments

August 22, 2007

Can anyone explain why this should be happening? This has only happened to me a couple times, and it’s always been when I’m commenting on a controversial video. I am not entering a URL in there as you can see. Later, I manage to get a comment in there after a reload, but it doesn’t show up.

Youtube Censorship

Digg Censoring 9/11 Truth

August 22, 2007

I’ve been using Digg for quite some time, and I’m planning to boycott them and switch to something else. The reason why?

Digg is big on censorship. They bury stories that aren’t approved by mainstream media, even though they’ve got tons of diggs. So articles from, and other truth sites will usually never make the front page even if they’ve got hundreds of votes within 24 hours.

Just compare these searches:

Alex Jones, on a regular Digg search, which has five posts with 100+ diggs.

When you include buried stories, it shows twenty posts with 100+ diggs!, on a regular Digg search, has three pages worth of posts.

But they buried the other five pages of posts!

Clearly, the Digg ranking system is rigged to favor top posters, which have a certain political bent. I can guarantee you it’s pro-9/11 liar.

We need to boycott Digg and start using other social networking sites.